Customs Committee Unique Automated Management System

The system was developed on the basis of Oracle Server Enterprise Edition v9.i. Access rights and user functions are limited by the DTMS level. Client part of the system is based on Windows operating system and has easy user interface in Azerbaijani with possibility of support of other languages thanks to the UNICODE standard.

Automated Customs Cleaning and Control System

Local databases were created in customs posts and connected with the central database of the State Customs Committee. The system was developed for automation of filling, registration and control of cargo declarations and transparent registration of customs declarations. Additional software consists of two main modules: "Broker" and "Customs agency".

"Broker" creates e-document according to the principles and laws of customs agencies. Except these principles, user can implement the system "Information Booth" in order to use help base of the State Customs Committee online by means of ORACLE server. Besides, module will allow users to fill in declarations by means of the web server.

"Customs agency" provides step-by-step multi-user verification of e-documents. Actions of each user are determined in accordance with the document status, stage priority and user rights. Transfer of e-documents depends on the decisions made at each stage; comments and decisions of inspectors are registered in the protocol of mistakes available to the broker for the purpose of correction. The system allows to provide transparent registration of customs declarations.

Automated System of Registration and Control of Offenses (Anti-Smuggling)

Anti-Smuggling system is the database and software for Automated Registration and Control of Customs Law Violations. This System is a basis for Risk Management System. Report Generator also was created within this system.
Automated System of Registration and Control of Offenses is the information system with local databases in regional posts and central database in the State Customs Committee. Additional software was developed for registration and analysis of customs law violations. Data analysis is realized in the system and groups of dangerous importers, exporters, countries, transport and goods are determined at the result of it. Analysis results are achieved as reports either in standard forms or in optional according to parameters formed by report generator.

Temporary Storage

Automated registration and control system of the Customs Committee is an information system with local databases developed on Oracle Server Enterprise Edition v9.i DBMS and successfully implemented on Oracle lOg DBMS. The system was developed for the State Customs Committee but can also be implemented in any similar institutions.

The system observes parking, points to existence of an empty seat when any vehicle leaves the terminal, provides information about existence of places on parking at present. The system provides necessary information on movement and current rest of goods in warehouses, warehouse structure (sections, room, shelves etc.) and warehouse tariff.

The project on informatization of the State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic was realized in 1999-2001. SINAM installed number of information systems as well as data transmission network all over the republic within this project .

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