Portable navigation system

Development of official system of portable navigation in Azerbaijan faced with the need to defining the suppliers of PND devices (navigations), the suppliers of Software for this devices and detailed map of Azerbaijan with the ability of car navigation and for searching of objects and addresses.

In the frame of this solution were conducted the following work:

  • Selection and negotiation with the Suppliers of SW;
  • Selection, negotiations with the manufacturers of PND devices, alignment of the devices with the Suppliers of SW;
  • Identification of the requirements of SW Suppliers to the map;
  • Development of working procedures and input tools and data transformation to the desired format;
  • Translation of the names of the streets and roads (all of the names on map as well) into 3 languages – Russian, Azerbaijani and English.;
  • Delivery of SW and integrated map, its installation to the device and testing.

This solution has the following interesting features:

  • Development and implementation of algorithm for automatic transformation addresses from the buildings to appropriate streets that allow transferring addressing from local features to the addressing of western type. This allowed to use western development of SW for work with local addressing.;
  • Standardization of names of the roads and streets, as well as number of buildings and addresses of all types (example quarter / home number ).;
  • Solution of the problem with the passage of the Azerbaijani text through all the stages of data processing.;
  • Automatic system of conversion and data quality control.;
  • Optimization of the file size for work in mobile devices with the high performance of the map.;
  • Conditioning of a map occur regularly and successfully.

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