A meeting was held in the format of public-private dialogue

On December 25, a meeting was held at the Baku State Center for Vocational Education of Industry and Innovation on the topic “Vocational education of a new era: the relationship between education and economics”.  Facilitated by the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs' Organizations (Employers) of the Republic of Azerbaijan through a public-private dialogue format, the event brought together significant participants, including representatives from relevant government bodies and entrepreneurs spanning diverse sectors of the economy.

Throughout the session, entrepreneurs received insights into reforms within the realm of vocational education, followed by discussions on the professional needs of entrepreneurs and potential areas of collaboration with the government in the field of vocational education.

The President of SINAM, Dr. Elchin Aliyev, a doctorate in technical sciences, Professor has been participated in the event. During his speech, he outlined proposals addressing the emerging demands of the labor market in the republic. Dr. Aliyev emphasized the imperative to enhance personnel skills in the current scenario, shed light on the personnel shortage across various sectors, and illuminated the challenges encountered. Furthermore, he shared prospects for collaboration with state vocational educational institutions and underscored the necessity for government support.

In conclusion, recognizing the significance of public-private dialogue, the proposal surfaced to establish collaborative ventures with vocational education institutions, structured around industry-specific topics within the framework of vocational education.

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